The Medical Science Liaison (MSL): A Career Primer for PharmDs, PhDs and MDs

Everything you need to know to get started on the MSL role.

This course combines everything the course instructor, Dr. Erin L. Albert has accumulated on the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) over the past twenty years. Dr. Albert has been a MSL for several companies, co-wrote the first book on the MSL, and has studied the MSL role for decades. She also conducted one of the first industry-wide benchmarking surveys on MSL job satisfaction.

In this course, you'll receive:

  1. What is a Medical Science Liaison, anyway?: An introduction.
  2. Provide a questionnaire/assessment for you to determine if the MSL role is right for you.
  3. Digital access to the first book published on the MSL role, The Medical Science Liaison: An A To Z Guide, second edition, preview here. This book contains real-world pathways that professionals took to get to the MSL role.
  4. A list of 20+ resources and where to learn more about the MSL role (updated January, 2018).
  5. Other audio resources on medical affairs and the MSL role.
  6. Optional thirty minutes one on one online session with Dr. Albert after course completion.*

*In order to give students ample time to work through the materials, a one on one online session may be scheduled after 31 days of enrollment in the online course. Due to the nature of the materials being instantly accessible, there are no refunds for this course.

Your Instructor

Dr. Erin L. Albert
Dr. Erin L. Albert

Dr. Erin Albert is a health outcomes pharmacist, attorney, coach, award-winning entrepreneur, writer, podcaster and speaker. She taught pharmacy law in an ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy for several years, and has penned over a dozen books on a range of topics, including pharmacy law, such as The Life Science Lawyer and The Indiana State Pharmacy Law Guide. In addition, she also podcasts for the Pharmacy Podcast Network under the channel entitled: Pharming Your Career, which has over 66,000 subscribers about healthcare career development, pharmacy careers, entrepreneurship, innovation, women's issues and more. More on her at her website, erinalbert.com.

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