57 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists: What is Your Next Career Move?

Career variety at its finest for pharmacy!

Ever wonder what else is out there for pharmacists beyond retail and hospital pharmacy? If so, subscribe to this course and learn more about off the beaten paths for pharmacists. This course includes:

  • A list of suggested career and personality tests to understand who you are, and what path(s) might be better for you.
  • A list of 57 actual career paths that aren't strictly hospital and retail.
  • Access to two different books on pharmacists and pharmacy careers.
  • Audio resources,
  • A bundle with the certifications list from our other subscription course.
  • Optional thirty minutes one on one online session with Dr. Albert after course completion.*

*In order to give students ample time to work through the materials, a one on one online session may be scheduled after 31 days of enrollment in the online course.

Due to the nature of this coursework and original, instant access content, no refunds will be given for this course.

Your Instructor

Dr. Erin L. Albert
Dr. Erin L. Albert

Dr. Erin Albert is a pharmacist, attorney, coach, award-winning entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, speaker, and has served pharmacy in a variety of capacities. She taught pharmacy law in an ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy for several years, precepts students in pharmacy, law, and postgraduate education, and has penned 13 books on a range of topics, including pharmacy law, such as The Life Science Lawyer and The Indiana State Pharmacy Law Guide. In addition, hosts her own podcast, The Edutainer. She podcasts about healthcare career development, pharmacy careers, entrepreneurship, innovation, women's issues and how to live a better life. More on her at her website, erinalbert.com.

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